Emynd – Periodico de Hoy

This song is for my wife and my daughter. My wife is a proud Puerto Rican American and, obviously, my daughter is partially Puerto Rican as well. For this compilation, I wanted to make a “Moombahton” song that celebrated their Puerto Rican heritage at a time in America where it feels like Spanish speaking non-whites are particularly vulnerable. I sampled the horns and strings from the very popular Hector Lavoe love song “Periodico de Ayer” and attempted to re-cast the dramatic horns and strings of the somewhat sad original song as a triumphant celebration of the Afro-Cuban heritage that informs modern Latin music in a more contemporary Reggaeton/Moombahton context. I also added an extremely powerful snippet of a speech by the Puerto Rican Nationalist Pedro Albizu Campos decrying the United States occupation of Puerto Rico. I am very proud of the song and hope you guys enjoy it.

Jon Kwest & Sazon Libre present:
a Moombahsoul Compilation to benefit PlannedParenthood & ACLU

Presented by Jon Kwest & Sazon Libre,
This compilation is a collaborative effort from some of our favorite people! Seventeen new tracks by Dave Nada, Deejay Theory, Cutso, Ma-Less, DJ Baysik, Jon Kwest, Mr. Lucky, J-Boogie, Emynd, DJ Beset, Bruk Out, Pickster, Doc Adam, Boyfriend, and Melo! Artwork by Lil Elle. Inspired by all of our friends & family!

Download the album or individual songs on the bandcamp page.

Much love to everybody who contributed to this!
We really hope you all enjoy it!

Please help spread the word & Thank You!




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